In the beginning there was only Darkness. Chaos. Nothingness.

Then something happened. Different cultures disagree about the details, but somehow we now have the impression we’re surrounded by “the ten thousand things”: cars, walls, the Internet, jobs and economies, ants and apples.

Whatever that “something” is, I refer to as the Dawn. Because it brings a kind of Light to the Darkness. And in one way of viewing it, it has only just begun.

I started this blog in 2015 to bring some hope. The community surrounding me at the time seemed to view this Light as like a little flame, in grave danger of extinguishing from a thousand different forces. But I believe in something stronger, brighter, more joyful — an inevitable Daybreak.

But to see it, we have to be willing to stand in the Light.

My earliest posts were about how to step into the Light by ceasing to resist the Dark. I referred to that planned series as “yin”. My first post, The Art of Grieving Well, is a good place to start. I think it’s the most beloved of my public writings so far (as of May 2019).

My hope is to bring a lot more quite soon. I think most clearly when I’m writing material for others to receive. And I would like my gifts of insight, vision, and teaching to be of service to others somehow. This is a new start for me.


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